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Kalibo Business Forum 2020

The forum is aimed at providing participants a better understanding of the vision and strategy of the local government with regard to promoting business with inclusive growth and ensuring that an enabling environment is created in all sectors of the local government. This years’ theme: “Vibrant Kalibo: Embracing the Future Today” is very timely since according to recent studies between2000 and 2017, the number of internet users grew by 10X—from 360 million to 3.6 billion people. This massive migration online is causing an explosion of economic opportunity across the world.

Therefore,the forum engages the business sector and other stakeholders in the discussion to encourage closer collaboration among the Local Government, business sector and civil society in making the LGU more attractive destinations for investments and trade. As new investments come in, these will lead to more jobs and support inclusive growth.

Theevent will happen on November 19, 2019,from 12:30 – 5:00 in the afternoonat Roz and Angelique’s Café andRestaurant, Pook, Kalibo, Aklan.
Please click the link below for more info and reservations. Thank you.