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Kalibo’s food outlets offer visitors specialties like homemade tocinos, longganizas, embutidos, and the like. Ideal for pasalubong, these delicacies bear the town’s identity when it comes to processed foods.  Products like barquiron, barquillos, polvoron, ampaw or popped rice and confectioneries are also available.  Bakhawan Eco-Park offers “tamilok” or wood worm.


Arts and Crafts

Kalibo offers various handcrafted products made from indigenous materials topbilled by the piña cloth.  Bags, wallets, fans, albums, stationeries, mats, jars, trays and other functional items made of piña, abaca, raffia, bariw and nito can be bought at several arts and crafts shops in Kalibo at reasonable prices.


Piña Village

Provides guests a chance to witness the painstaking process of transforming a native Pineapple leaf into an intricately woven piña cloth considered as Queen of the Philippine Fabrics.


Bakhawan Eco-Park

The Bakhawan Eco-Park, recognized in the early 1990s as an award-winning Mangrove Reforestation Project by the Galing Pook Awards Committee, offers nature lovers a sterling example of what protecting nature and promoting eco-diversity are. What started as forty-five (45) hectares mangrove reforestation project evolved into an over 200-hectare leading eco-tourism destination. Now, it boasts of features such as 1-kilometer boardwalk, picnic huts, watchtower, souvenir shop, canteen, massage area, charcoal briquetting, and Center for International Mangrove Studies among others.  It is one of the favorite destinations for study visits and eco tours.


The long stretch of beaches spanning the four barangays of New Buswang, Pook, Caano, and Mabilo offer sea lovers respite from their workaday lives.  Picnic huts and cottages are dotted in the 7-kilometer stretch of fine-gray glittering sand in gradual slope.


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