Name of Office Telephone Number Contact Person
Office of the Municipal Mayor 268-6171/ 268-1568 Arch. Ma. Kristina Lachica-Tan/Basilides T. Tabernilla
Office of the Sangguniang Bayan 268-4134 Hon. Cynthia C. Dela Cruz
Municipal Legal Office 268-1003 Mr. Andrew D. Sualog
Municipal Budget Office 268-1426 Ms. Nannie A. Roldan
Municipal Accounting Office 268-4135 Ms. Jennifer P. Itulid
Municipal Planning & Dev’t. Office 268-4120 Engr. Marlo B. Villanueva
Municipal Local Civil Registrar 268-7486 Ms. Haide A. Concepcion
Municipal Engineering Office 268-4116 Engr. Amalia L. Francisco
Municipal Assessor Office 262-3079 Engr. Rex A. Bautista
Municipal Treasurer Office 268-4115 Mr. Rey C. Villaruel
Municipal Treasurer Office – Landtax 268-1706 Ms. Ninfa C. Regalado
Rural Health Unit I 262-1741 Dr. Makarius Tel-Aviv C. Dela Cruz
Rural Health Unit II 268-4487
Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Office 268-3505 Mr. Terence June Toriano
Business Permit & License Division 262-1651 Ms. Glorily P. Calizo
MEEDO – Administrative Division 268-1831 Engr. Jessie C. Fegarido
MEEDO – Cash Division 268-1420 Ms. Lennie L. Bolido
MEEDO – Market Administration 262-4281 Mr. Abel E. Policarpio
MEEDO – Tourism & Cultural Affairs Division 262-1020 Ms. Rhea Rose E.  Meren
MEEDO – Public Affairs Info. & Comm. Division 268-4110 Ms. Maranatha E. Vargas
MEEDO – Transport & Traffic Mgt. Division 268-3572 Ms. Mary Gay Q. Joel
MEEDO – Agricultural Services Division 268-4953 Mr. Uriel M. Las Piñas
MEEDO – Buildings & Grounds Maintenance Division 268-6157 Ms. Adorada T. Reynaldo
Ati-atihan County Inn 268-6116
Information Technology 500-7609
Slaughter House 268-8960
Motorpool 268-9561
STAC 268-1496
OSCA 268-3262
DILG 268-1462
Commission On Audit 268-1345
ATEDCO 268-3240

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