MDRRMO Kalibo, Champion sa 4th Aklan Rescuelympics

By: Doniel B Aguirre
Refer to: Mr. Efren Trinidad, Executive Assistant II Office Of The Mayor

Naha-angkon ku Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office Kalibo ro 1ST Place sa ginhiwat kahapon nga 4TH Aklan Provincial Rescuelympics sa Aklan Provincial Sports Complex, Brgy. Calangcang, Makato, Aklan. Gin-uli ku katapo it MDRRMO Kalibo rong plake bilang Champion ag premyo nga P50,000. Samtang sa Inter-Response Group Special Awards, gin-uli man ku Kalibo ro Best in Basic Life Support , Best in First Aid, Best in Equipment Display ag Best in Safety Analysis sa siin nag-tie sanda ku Banwa it Batan ag nag-uli it tig P5,000 sa kada Special Awards.

Nahabu-oe man ku Banwa it Batan ro 2ND Place nga ro premyo hay P40,000 ag nangin Best in Water Search & Rescue ag rong 3RD Place man ro Banwa it Banga nga nag-uli it Premyo nga P30,000 ag Best in Uniform bilang Special Award. Samtang ro iba pang Banwa nga nagpartisipar hay nag-uli man it tig P5,000 nga ginakaeakipan it Altavas, Burruanga, Ibajay, Libacao, Makato, Malinao, Nabas ag Tangalan. Igasukoe man ku Probinsya it Akean ro Banwa it Malinao nga nag-uli man it P20,000 sa Best in Administration 4th-6th Class Municipality Category sa Gawad Kalasag Evaluation.

Sa Inter-School Category, 1ST Place – Aklan Catholic College nga nag-uli it premyo nga P15,000 ag Special Awards kaparehas ku: Best in Bandaging ag Best in Fire Fighting, Best in Emergency Rescue Transfer, Best in Uniform nga nag-tie sanda sa Aklan State University ag Best in Oregame. Samtang ro 2nd Place – Aklan State University nga nag-uli it P10,000 ag nangin Best in Basic Life Support bilang Special Award.

Sa Inter Response Group Category: 1ST Place – Bureau of Fire Protection nga nag-uli it P30,000, 2ND Place – 601ST CDC, 6RCDG, ARESCOM nga nag-uli it P20,000 , 3RD Place – St. Gabriel College nga nag-uli it P10,000. Best in Basic Life Support ag Best in Safety Analysis – PNP Aklan, Best in Triage – St. Gabriel College, Best in Hose Relay, Best in Knot Tying – Army Reserve Command, Best in Vehicular Extrication – Bureau of Fire Protection, Best in Water Search & Rescue – Phil. Coast guard.

Nakabaton man it mga premyo sa pagpartisipar ro Aklan PNP, 12IB 3ID Phil. Army, Phil. Coast Guard, Phil. Red Cross ag Phil. Airforce Reservist.


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