Local Civil Registrar it Kalibo, LibrengIga-rehistro Ro Mga Late Registrations Sa Pebrero 28

By: Doniel B Aguirre For Immediate Release Refer to: Mr. Efren Trinidad, Executive Assistant II Office Of The Mayor

Gina-imbitahanni Ms. Haide Concepcion, Officer in Charge ku Local Civil Registrar it LGU KaliboromgaKalibonhonsa sang adlawngapag-proseso it tananngamga late o kun delayed Registrations it mga Birth, Marriage ag Death Certificates ngalibre o kun uwa it bayadsapebrero 28 adlawngamartes. Sunokay Concepcion, rondayangprograma hay suportadoni Mayor William Lachica kun sasiinginapatigayon man raku Phil. Statistics Authority sa bug-osngaPilipinas.

P240.00 robayad it mga delayed o late registrations perouwa it pagabayaranromgamagaparehistroumpisa it alas 8 hasta it alas 5 sahapon. Hara man romgaimportanteng requirements parasa late registration: negative certification halinsa NSO, baptismal certificate halinsasimbahan, marriaghe contract it mga parents ag marriage contract it applicant (if applicable), affidavit it 2 disinterested persons (not family/relatives) present during birth or has known the facts of the child notarized by a lawyer ag voter’s certification halinsa COMELEC.

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